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 NEW PROFESSOR NEEDED!!! and other professor announcements

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PostSubject: NEW PROFESSOR NEEDED!!! and other professor announcements   Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:12 am

With Slowfreak's inactivity, Chimchar Forums is now looking for a new Professor. If you would like a chance at becoming a Professor, simply PM Prof. Monkey with the topic "New Prof.". You have 24 hours to PM me NO EXCEPTIONS! If you decide to apply for the Professor spot, you will get PM'd with instructions on what to do next.

Prof. Name Request.
Seeing as how the Professors come from many different User Groups, all ranked higher than the Prof. Group, so it's a bit hard to tell who the Professors are. To clarify things, I would like to ask that no one start their name with "Prof." unless you are actually in the group. This is jut to clear up for newer members who is in the group, and who isn't. Thank you in advance, and PM me any concerns.

RaNdOm PrOf. AnNoUnCeMeNtS!!!(coming soon)
To keep the site more intune with the Professors, I will be making announcements like this one, to let you know what is going on in the group. So keep an eye out, who knows, you might be mentioned! =O

-Can an admin(or Mod. if they can) Announcementify this...I can't seem to.
-If a Prof. has an announcement to make, PM me and I'll add it.
-LOCKED- (to prevent SPAMMing here)

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NEW PROFESSOR NEEDED!!! and other professor announcements
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