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 a better looking in-game future team for HG/SS

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PostSubject: a better looking in-game future team for HG/SS   Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:50 pm

So I took Monkey's advice from my last HG/SS Team and decided to add some pokes that can evolve into 4th generation ones. The other team was based on only pokemons from 1 & 2 generation.

Feraligatr @ leftovers
~Ice Punch
Totodile is my starter. I put agility over DD because I don't feel like breeding to get one with DD.

Electrivire @ Expert Belt
Motor Drive|Jolly/Adamant
~Cross Chop
~Thunder Punch
~Fire Punch
Love my electabuzz hope I can evolve it into this baby sometime during the game.pretty good type coverage.

Magmotar @ Wide Glassess
Flame Body|Modest
~Sunny Day
~Focus Blast
Now I always liked this combo of electabuzz & magmar, they've been in almost all my play through. I also hope I can evolve it into this monster.

Honchkrow @ ???
~Night Slash
~Drill Peck
~Sucker Punch
Well murkrow is a decent flying/dark type specially when it evolves into Honchkrow. If I can fully evolve my entire team I will have a pretty good run at the play through.

Miltank @ Leftovers
~Milk Drink
~Heal Bell
~Body Slam
Here's my team's cleric should I say? It heals & cure it self and its teammates saves extra money on the run.

Yanmega @ Wide Lens
Speed Boost|Modest
~Bug Buzz
~Air Slash
~Ancient Power
~Giga Drain
Start off with yanma since it has become a better pokemon after its evolution I decided to add it.

Now any suggestions and pokemon/moves changes will be appreciated. As long as my in-game team becomes solid its cool with me. Yanmega is a subject to change but I would like to here what you guys think and recomment whatever is needed to make my team better.

Hm slaves:

~Rock Smash

~Defog[if its require in the HG/SS versions]

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a better looking in-game future team for HG/SS
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