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 Differences between a lot and barely, and other things you shouldnt do

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PostSubject: Differences between a lot and barely, and other things you shouldnt do   Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:48 pm

You guys get mad at me cause i kick/ban you when you cuss a LOT and when you come back you see that someone else cuss and your like "why didnt you ban them?" I didnt ban them cause they didnt do it as much as you have done it. racist remarks will not be tolerated as long as im mob, even if you dont mean it in a racist manner. Those words are not ment to be said on this site at ALL. DO NOT spam in the CB, i will kick/Ban you, Depends on how much you did it. Even when no ones here...

You guys are always on my case, but its a new mod thing cause you guys did that to everyone tht was a mod on this site. What your are doing is just very annoying and gets you nowhere. Saying "Jordan shouldnt be mod he wasnt active, now he was active, now hes mod" If you didnt know i had no internet for a while, Then went on vacation still with no internet. So once i got home i got internet and was active. Is that such a problem? Some of you guys do it, but when your a mod its different i guess. You guys should all care about yourself and not me so much as you guys do, when you get off my case i might loosen up on you guys, so watch it.

This post doesnt do to everyone but it might so.. Yeah...
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Differences between a lot and barely, and other things you shouldnt do
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