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 OU RMT 1400 on shoddy

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PostSubject: OU RMT 1400 on shoddy   Fri Sep 11, 2009 1:35 am

Hey guys for those who don't know what shoddy is it's a pokemon simulater you can get it at This team has peaked 1425 yea that's alright but i need help and other's opinion's on my team because it's kinda failing bad. So here's the team.

At A Glance:

The Team:

Salamence @Choice Specs
252 sp.atk 252 speed 6 hp
Draco Meteor
Fire Blast
Hydro Pump
Hidden Power (Electric)

I love this as a lead because it's really surprising it 2HKO's everything that's bulky if used right Draco Meteor 2HKO swamperts and much more it's a pretty standard specsmence except i found hp electric helpful because it takes out things that Salamence has problem's with such as Gyarados. The only problem with this is that i get stuck on a move and they bring in a Empoleon im done for because i don't have an Empoleon counter.

Scizor @Choice Band
220 hp 252 atk 38 speed
Bullet Punch


Rotom-H @Leftovers
252 hp 228 def 30 sp.atk
Sleep Talk

This thing is an amazing physical walls it not only deals damage it also cripples physical sweepers because of the w0w. I really recommond using this because it's just so epic and it saved me so many times. Must i also mention that this thing walls gyarados and scizor and lucario with ease. I went with Discharge because this Rotom-H isn't ment to outspeed things but with me running discharge i have a higher percent change of getting the parahax and letting me outspeed pokemon and maybe get lucky and they get the parahax so i can switch into a counter but i really recommond using this thing. Yes i know what your thinking why isn't he running Overheat i found overheat not as important because it's not ment to be a sweeper it's ment to be a wall and cripple things not sweep.

Heatran @Choice Scarf
Flash Fire
252 sp.atk 252 speed 6 atk
Fire Blast
Earth Power
Dragon Pulse

Pretty standard Heatran.... It works what can i say.

Infernape @Life Orb
6 atk 252 sp.atk 252 speed
Close Combat
Fire Blast
Grass Knot
Hidden Power (Ice)

This works even though it's ev spread is more based on it's specail attack i know what your thinking why don't you just run a nasty plot ape? Ill tell you why because it get's walled by blissey while on the other side this infernape does alot of damage to it's opponents and if you prodict right then it can really cause your opponent some problems. So yea that's all i got to say about this fella.

Sandslash @Leftovers
Sand Veil
252 hp 220 def 38 atk
Stealth Rock
Rapid Spin
Stone edge

This thing is lol because it get's up rocks and rapid spins other's i was thinking about using claydol but then i looked at it again and was like idk if i should because i wouldn't need another specail attacker. This thing kinda works because it gets walled by alot of things but it gets rid of entry hazards now that i think of it i think claydol would be a better change because he doesn't get affected by spikes or toxic spikes but idk. I wasn't thinking of using a spinner because i thought my team was okay but then i thought again and relized that i needed it because i get hurt by spikes not so much of toxic spikes.

Posing threat: Empoleon Eggexutor

Well here's my team Rate it Steal it Comment it.

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PostSubject: Re: OU RMT 1400 on shoddy   Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:08 am

please don't double post, i fixed up your pictures, bla bla bla


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PostSubject: Re: OU RMT 1400 on shoddy   Sat Sep 12, 2009 4:20 pm

After Rotom is out DD Gyara weak.
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PostSubject: Re: OU RMT 1400 on shoddy   

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OU RMT 1400 on shoddy
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