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 need some pokemon

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PostSubject: need some pokemon   Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:21 pm

lickytong tangela swinub glihar MY Offers All:Non-Shiny
Scizor:Quiet Lv.59
Claydol:Rash Lv.51
Umbreon:Jolly Lv.28
Feraligart:Careful Lv.42
Tyranitar:Naive Lv.55
Castform:Relaxed Lv.25
Gloom:Quiet Lv.51
Linoone:Rash Lv.34
Trapich:Timid Lv.20
Lairon:Serious Lv.40
Gardevoir:Relaxed Lv.40
Blissey:Sassy Lv.44
Blaziken:Quiet Lv.72
Altaria:Lax Lv.40
Magnectric:Lax Lv.34
Bagon:Naughty Lv.30
Weavile:Careful Lv.35
Porygon-Z:Lax Lv.18
Arcanine:Naive Lv.1
Lileep:Hardy Lv.20
Rhyperior:Naughty Lv.52
Glaceon:Lax Lv.6
Vaporeon:Calm Lv.1
Jolteon:Relaxed Lv.1
Magmar:Sassy Lv.32
Exploud:Relaxed Lv.40
Flareon:Jolly Lv.1
Leafeon:Bold Lv.3
Spinda:Careful Lv.16
Arnorith:Quirky Lv.20
Dragonite:Adamant Lv.55
Combusken:Lonely Lv.17
Electabuzz:Adamant Lv.30
Lucario:Jolly Lv.42
Rioulu:Bashful Lv.1
Munchlax:Jolly Lv.8
Garchomp:Rash Lv.52
Spiritomb:Serious Lv.27
Magireve:Naughty Lv.10
Drifblim:Naughty Lv.30
Ampipom:Serious Lv.42
Vespiqueen:Lax Lv.23
Bastiodon:Lax Lv.31
Rampardos:Sassy Lv.31
Luxray:Serious Lv.57
Staraptor:Impish Lv.53
Empeleon:Calm Lv.36
Infernape:Hasty Lv.57
Torterra:Naughty Lv.35
Aerodactyl:Jolly Lv.20
Serviper:Bashful Lv.17
Relicanth:Impish Lv.35
Wobbuffet:Modest Lv.36
Absol:Hasty Lv.25
Sceptile:Timid Lv.48
Politoed:Modest Lv.53
Azumarill:Quirky Lv.46
Croconaw:Brave Lv.19
Grovyle:Hasty Lv.16
Tropiusocile Lv.25
Corsola:Relaxed Lv.35
Ariados:Rash Lv.52
Metang:Hardy Lv.33
Shedinja:Gentle Lv20
Duskull:Hasty Lv.1
Swampert:Naughty Lv.36
Pinsir:Modest Lv.27
Pupitar:Gentle Lv.30
Larvitar:Brave Lv.10
Dragonair:Modest Lv.30
Hitmonlee:Naive Lv.21
Hitmonchamp:Careful Lv.20
Hitmontop:Impish Lv.20
Nidoking:Impish Lv.17
Nidoqueen:Naughty Lv.17
Dusknoir:Relaxed Lv.37
Togekiss:Brave Lv.28
Slaking:Brave Lv.40
Snorlax:Adamant Lv.1
Frosslas:Jolly Lv.33
Magnezone:Modest Lv.32
Yanmega:Naive Lv.33

Regigas:Serious Lv.70
Giratina:Jolly Lv.70
Heatran:Brave Lv.70 Cresselia:Quiet Lv.50
Kyogre:Quiet Lv.45
Rayquaza:Hardy Lv.98
Latios:Hardy Lv.40
Rotom:Jolly Lv.15
Azelf:Impish Lv.51
Uxie:Adamant Lv.51
Mesprit:Bashful Lv.50
Regice:Timid Lv.54
Dialga:Careful Lv.48
Palkia:Rash Lv.60
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dark void

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PostSubject: Re: need some pokemon   Sun Oct 04, 2009 1:25 am

u serious bout trading legends for em?also i might hav a lickytung ill check n i hav a tangela
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PostSubject: Re: need some pokemon   Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:27 am

I have a swinub ill trade you
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PostSubject: Re: need some pokemon   Wed Nov 18, 2009 1:12 pm

i have all 3 but no wifi soz
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PostSubject: Re: need some pokemon   

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need some pokemon
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