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 Can anyone trade me pokemon holding these TM's?

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PostSubject: Can anyone trade me pokemon holding these TM's?   Tue Dec 01, 2009 2:29 am

I need 2 Stealth Rock TM's, and 2 Roost TM's. If you can trade me 4 pokemon holding these (it doesnt matter what pokemon it is). I will trade you any pokemon from before Diamond and Pearl (from Emerald or earlier). Shiny will take longer but is possible, I will not do IV's or EV's for you but I will get you proper nature. So simply specify the four pokemon you want, with natures beside, (say shiny or not as well) and I will contact you via PM ASAP.

************* PLEASE "PM" ME RATHER THAN POSTING A REPLY HERE ***********************

Thanks alot.
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Can anyone trade me pokemon holding these TM's?
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