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 Mid-February Announcements!

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PostSubject: Mid-February Announcements!   Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:25 pm

w00t! 700 MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Thanks to everyone joining, this is a huge milestone for a small forum like this one. Hope we get the next 300 soon and make it 1,000! I think we got member number 700 on February 14th, 2010 for anyone keeping track.

Secondly, the first Official Tournament on Chimchar is just about underway. Only two more spots open, as of now with JLA being the last to sign up, so hurry up and enter the Pokemon Number One Grand Prix. Should be a good tournament, check out the tournament section for details.

Coloured Ear Pichu Event has been going on at Gamestops in USA for a while. I think it's at EB Games aswell, the last Gamestop Event was at both, but I'm not gonna garentee it. See the Pokemon Event Topic for current pokemon events for our members(PM Monkey what area you live in and I'll keep you updated when your events come out). Note that soon after the NZ 'Rachi event in the US there will be our first ever Chimchar pokemon Event, so stay tuned for that.

Portal has been updated with Pokemon Events and some quick links to more useful things. The forum rules, CB rules, Tournaments, Suggestions, Forum Games, and Introductions. Anything else you'd like a quick link to let Monkey know. Note: Gym Leader/E4 Rules, Prof. Labs, Pokemon Of The Month, and Pokemon Events already have links.

Advertizing Contest is 1/2 over. Keep on advertizing for the week of being a mod, and getting your name out to the staff. Maple dropped due to personal reasons so we MIGHT need another Moderator. Nicole and Ryan seem to have everything under control, but you never know what might happen. Wink

February's site project was to increase membership. It seems to be working now that we have an increase of active members and hit 700 registered users, but keep on advertizing! March's site project will be to polish up our Tutor Program. PM Monkey now if you'd like to get involved as a Tutor. NO APPLICATIONS FOR APPRENTENCES YET, JUST TUTORS!

March will also be a time where the Group Mods play a bigger part in their specific group. So problems with the Moderators, go to Ryan, Professors go to JLA, Gym Leaders go to Nicole, and Elite 4 go to Maple. Any problems with these 4 members, or Jordan, come talk to me about. These 4 should talk to me before doing anything big, and in their abstance talk to me about something, but if they can handle their group problems, that frees up Jordan and I to do more things to improve the forum.

Finally because of all the new Admins, Mods, Gym Leaders, and Elite 4, I'll take the time here to congradulate them on their spots. As you all know Jordan and I are the admins, w00t!. Ryan and Nicole are the mods, w00t!. Maple, Jordan, Monk, and Dev are the Elite 4(all except for Jordan are light blue) w00t!. Nicole, Dark Warrior, Elemental, Kurugi, Varment, Drake, JLA, and Freak are the Gym Leaders(all except Nicole are orange), w00t!. Professors are all old so we should all know who they are already.

On a sub note, don't forget to congratulate Monkey and Dev on obtaining all 8 gym badges. As well as all 8 gym badges Monkey has also defeated Dev, Maple, and Monk's E4 teams. Can he defeat Jordan and become the first Forum Champion? We will keep you updated on the final battle after it occors, if Monkey or Jordan wins.

PM Monkey if you feel anything else should be announced. I think that is all for now, keep posting.


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Mid-February Announcements!
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