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 March Updates

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PostSubject: March Updates   Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:57 pm

March is know to be in like a lion and out like a lamb. So lets see how insane things get for March Madness at the begining. Always remember, though, it'll get better at the end of the month. =)
For starters, March's Pokémon of the Month is Staraptor. Smeargle's month is over. Lets hope Staraptor enjoys his moment to shine.
Secondly, the advertizment contest was a fail, in a way. =( All of the PMs I got from members have become inactive so nobody wins the contest. However, I did notice an increase of membership on the site this month. =) So in a way we got our task done...but we don't know who to thank for it. o.O
Thirdly, the Olympics are over. Seems like our two most favorite teams were USA and Canada, which both did very good and we all should be proud.
Fourthly, as you all know, we have 4 mods and 2 admins, for the moment, so congradulations again to Slow and Leaves on the Mod Spots. You really earned it.
On the 14th of this month, Heart Gold and Soul Silver come out. Remember to reserve your copy before then.
There will be a big announcement on the site on the same day Heart Gold and Soul Silver is released, so stay tuned for that.
Finally, the site is still waiting on it's Champion. Monkey has all 8 badges and 3/4 of the Elite 4 defeated. Dev, JLA, and SonicX580 all also have 8 badges. Lets keep our eyes open on the first and future Champions.

**Edit: Portal rearranged to fit CPU screens better.**

**EDIT: Fighting and Johto Tournaments Round 1 is nearly over. Finish up all battles ASAP.**

**EDIT: For those who play, Final Fantasy XIII is coming out March 9th.


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March Updates
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