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Spades Slick
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PostSubject: Smilies   Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:44 am

I notice that there is one smily symbol that is common that we don't have.

That is: XD

Can we make a smiley symbol for it? I just think it would get used a lot more then some of the other ones . . . you can probably tell which . . . .
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PostSubject: Re: Smilies   Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:51 am

You can find the smilie you'd like to use for "XD" and I'll add it to the list of smilies. Actually this is probably a good time to tell people. Smilies like sxeness fight JERRY! JERRY! DIE PIKACHU!!!!!! Naked?!? Maple_Syrupp and a whole bunch more were suggested by members. Actually...Drew just added the first few extra ones on his own...but most of the new ones were suggested to me and I added them. So if you see a smilie somewhere and you think, "Hey, that would be cool on Chimchar!" PM me the smilie and I'll add it. A good 99% of the smilies I will add. The one thing I'm gonna stray away from is racist smilies(if they even exist). But anywho, go out and find a smilie, tell me what code you'd like for it, and I'll add it. =)


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