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 Battle Daycare

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Misc. Info : Birthdays are important to me, they only come once a year and everyone should feel happy on their birthday, so i started a small tradition of breeding and eving pokemon for people as a birthday gift from yours truly. Just catch me in the chat or pm me when its close to ur bday and ill gladly breed you a pokemon of your choice. Ill need to know the nature, moveset, and evs of the desired poke.

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PostSubject: Battle Daycare   Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:48 pm

Story: As you travel along on your journey to greatness you stumble upon a cozy looking cabin with a rather large yard surrounded by forests and a lone lake. As you approach you notice many young pokemon but decide it best to leave them be. As you reach the cabin you notice a young man kneeling with a white eevee at his side, he appears to be tending to a sick pokemon. As he notices you he stands and offers a wide grin, and says "Welcome to my daycare center! Here I breed and train pokemon for young trainers like yourself. Believe it or not I'm a frontier brain and if you wish you may challenge me for my symbol. I'm warning you though it wont be easy as my kind of battling is quite different from the standard. Here are my rules:

* The Pokémon must have hatched from an egg.
* The Pokémon must be able to evolve.
* The Pokémon must be the earliest evolution stage obtainable.
* The Pokémon must be at Level 5.
* The Pokémon must not be on the Ubers list.

Species Clause - Only one Pokémon may be on a team from each species.

Ubers - The following are banned from use in Little Cup:


Items and Moves:

Items: Pokémon in Little Cup are allowed to hold items, as in any Pokémon match. The "Item Clause" is not in effect in Little Cup, multiple teammates can hold the same item. The items Deepseatooth and berry juice are banned.

Moves: Pokémon in Little Cup can use (nearly) any move available to them at Level 5; for non-genderless Pokémon this includes level up moves. Sonicboom and Dragon Rage are both banned moves.

OHKO Clause - Moves that score a guaranteed "One-hit-KO" on the opponent, such as Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, Guillotine, or Fissure, are banned.

Battle Mechanics:

Sleep Clause - Only one Pokémon can be put to sleep by an opponent at a time, per team.

Self-KO Clause - If an opponent uses Selfdestruct or Explosion with their last Pokémon, they lose the game regardless of the number of Pokémon remaining on the other team

All matches will be 3 vs 3. If you wish to challenge me but don't have any little cup pokemon feel free to look around the daycare and form a team, I'll lend them to you for the battle.

Should you win: Your love for pokemon is evident in the way you battled today, allow me to award you my symbol. In addition I have a favor to ask of you trainer, take and raise this dratini to the best of your ability, its in need of a trainer like you (last sentence is optional just a small token from me, Its perfectly eved for little cup and knows extreme speed)

Note: Pokemon you may borrow include: trick room slowpoke, thick club cubone, mixed priority crogunk, choice scarfed anorith. life orb buizel, ddance bagon, lead meowth, tank munchlax, hugepower azuril(needs slowpoke for trickroom), headsmash aron More to come.
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Battle Daycare
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