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 RMT Doubles Plz (Tough Critisism Is Wanted)

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PostSubject: RMT Doubles Plz (Tough Critisism Is Wanted)   Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:50 pm

I'm Gonna Be Like Everyother RMT Thread So Yah

At A Glance And Stuff

Hey My pokes go from biggest to smallest LAWL

Through The Microscope..Wait I Dont have A Microscope...Well Here's My DS Look At My Pokémon

Gyara/Mence Combernashun/Sexifenders

Gyarados @ Jolly w/ F-Sash/Wacan Berry @ Intimidate
252Attack – 168Speed – 90HP
Dragon Dance
Ice Fang

Salamence @ Adamant w/ F-Sash/Yache Berry @ Intimidate
252Atk – 146HP – 112Speed
Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw

With These Two Over Abused Beast's On The Field They Cut Down Both Enemy pokes attack by half which will hopefully cause switches, while they switch I DD and Attempt A Sweep Focus Sash On Both If items clause is off to ensure both get one DD Up And Earthquake Can hit enermies but not the pardner so yah Wink


Brad/Plusle @ Tmid W/ F-Sash @ Plus
252 SpA 252 Spe 6 Hp
Nasty plot
Grass Knot
HP Ice
Copied From Smogon
"This move-set focuses solely on taking down as many Pokémon as you can before fainting. Simply Nasty Plot first and then proceed to do as much damage as possible. Focus Sash will allow you to Nasty Plot at least once, but if you can predict a switch by your opponent, you may not need to survive a hit to ensure Nasty Plot is used; then you’re free to use Life Orb in order to do more damage. This set also has access to all three of Plusle’s best offensive moves, providing greater coverage."

Angelina/Minun @ Timid w/ Lefties @ Minus
252 SpA 142 Spe 116 SpD
Helping Hand
Nasty Plot

A Supporter For Minun Cuz Pro Smile
Helping Hand Right Of The Bat With minun and NP With plusle then encore a set up move sweep with plusle while Minun Sets up her own NP.Minun Does Get Walled My Ground Types I Acknowledged that and gave HP Ice On Plusle In Case Any Grounds Try To Save The Day x.x
If Items Clause Is On Plusle Will Recieve The Sash Due To The high Chance Of A Switch On The Sexifenders.Encore or pretect is based on my prediction skills i can stall the opponent with Protect but encore can change the whole game.So Idk What To pick Atm

We Got A Manbeast And A HosedBeast

Poliwrath @ Adamant w/ Lefties @ Water Absorb
252 Atk 252 SpD 6 Hp

Lanturn @ Calm nature @ Choice Scarf/Damp Rock @ Volt Absorb
40 HP 216 SpA 252 SpD
Rain Dance
Confuse Ray

2 Encorers?What am i thinking?People ussualy think i will sub then f-punch since thats the most effective Poliwrath set
Encore First While They Set Up Since Im Slow I Will Guarantee going after the opponent
For lanturn Having Both Items Have Certain Advantages With Choice Scarf I Can outspeed most pokemon
Damp Rock for Rain Dance Then Surf Sweep but risk getting outspeed
Choice Scarf Makes Me Outspeed Plus Restore Poliwraths Health Each Turn so i don't worry about resseting up a RD Then Risk Poli Getting' KO'd or losing a sub of his.The EV Spread Ensures Survival From Most Attacks Unless Crit + Stab + Item + Ability
I Can Survive Majority Of Attack With About 1/3 Of Health left depending on attack

Confuse Ray Causes Switches Which Causes Subs And F-Punches And Rain Dances Very Happy

First RMT I posted And So Yah

Its Oriented For Double Battle If You Can Read The Title

Rate It Now Or Die

Criticism Is Recommended


Sorry For Any mispellings I Dont wanna go through and fix them atm xD

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PostSubject: Re: RMT Doubles Plz (Tough Critisism Is Wanted)   Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:54 am

A) Stealth Rocks puts a hole in you plans. Either you need to double switch(to Plusle and Minun to keep the sash), not getting an Attack/Set Up while the foe does, even if you do that, G-Dos and Mence take the rocks pretty hard. So the 1 move can ruin 1/3 of your team.
B) Dugtrio can rip apart this team in doubles no problem. It can trap the pokes you have in, with the exception of the two Flying ones, outspeed, and OHKO all of them with the exception of Poliwrath, 63.4% - 74.5%. Because it's doubles and both Poli and Lanturn(without the Scarf) are kindof on the slow side, the second poke with Dug can hit Poli down the extra HP needed no big problem. So that'll leave you at two Physical Pokemon, which a Skarm, Shuckle, Closter, Registeel, and other Physical Walls can wall out.
Then often would you expect to see Dugrtio and anyother EQ poke you can simple switch to Mence and Dos. Keep those two alive and a Special Attacker as long as you can.


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RMT Doubles Plz (Tough Critisism Is Wanted)
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