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 Champion Challenge Rules.

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PostSubject: Champion Challenge Rules.   Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:23 am

Required to Challenge the Champion:
1) The current 8 Gym Badges. Please see the Gym Leader section for the current leaders, their rules, and more details on the Gym Leaders.
2) Defeat the current Elite 4 all in a row with one team.
3) The same 6 pokes you used against the Elite 4.

Rules for Challenging the Champion:
1) Up to 6 pokemon. You must use the same 6 pokemon from the Elite 4.
2) The only moves that may change are TM Moves or level up moves(only higher level moves on later Elite 4). For example, Mr. Mime have Confusion against the first Elite 4 then "level it up" and have it use Psybeam against the second Elite 4 member, the other way would not be allowed, however. You could then replace Psybeem with a TM like Psychic. However a move tutor move may not be added after you beat one Elite 4 member.
3) A pokemon who evolves by level or item may evolve. For example, Diglet and Gloom may evolve when you move up on the Elite 4. Pokemon like Kadabra and Scyther may not evolve while in the middle of a battle(can't trade while in the Elite 4).
4) You may also changing items inbetween Elite 4 members.
So basically what you can change before the Champion in the game, you can change before the Champion here.

Champion Rule:
When the champion is challenge he/she has to use his/her original team that he/she beat E4 with. However out of the 6 that he/she used he/she can switch out 2 pokes at any time. So for example (I'll use Monkey's Champion Team, the first on the site, as an example) Champion Monkey won with Bronzong, Cradily, Breloom, Typhlosion, Togikiss, and Slowbro. Monkey is challenged, by Maple_Syrupp for the example, and uses Bronzong, Cradily, Breloom, and Typhlosion and switches Togikiss and Slowbro with Scizor and Hitmonchan. Then Monkey is re-challenged by Maple, but this time his team is Breloom, Typhlosion, Togikiss, Slowbro, Gengar, and Gallade. So the team will always consist of at least 4 of the 6 pokes that the Champion used to become the best, but can replace 2 of them to prevent anyone from taking advantage of knowing the Champions pokemon and bringing only pokes that can counter them.
The CURRENT Champion's Team, and past Champion's Teams...but that is meaningless to this statement, will be posted in the Hall of Fame, so Challengers know who/what to expect. The only reason it is being posted is because you must use the same team for all four of the Elite 4 and the you'll know the Elite 4's Type and the Champion's 6.


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Champion Challenge Rules.
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