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 Early April Announcements.

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PostSubject: Early April Announcements.   Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:30 am

April is here. The snow is finally melting and now we have rain and heat to deal with. Easter has just ended and the Staff hopes you all had a great holiday. Due to Spring Break around Monkey happening this week, he has put up a special banner for Spring Break this week. If you'd like a certain holiday to get the forum decorated, contact Monkey or an admin.
For starters, April's Pokémon of the Month is Azumaril. Staraptor's month is over. Lets hope Azumaril enjoys it's moment to shine. Azumaril was suggested by Nicole for April because it's the month that host Easter and it is one of the rabbit based pokemon.
Secondly, the Battle Frontier idea seems to be growing in popularity and gives members more reasons and ways to battle other members. If we fill up the group and have challengers for both the Frontier and Gyms, then we will look for suggestions on more groups.
Thirdly, there are a few tournaments underway at the moment. Nips Monotype Tournament and JLA's Johto Tournament are both in their final rounds. Good luck to whoever is in the finals in those tournaments. Poseidon's Water Tournament is getting underway, complete your battles if you are in that tournament. Wind is now signing people up for his Battle Hall Tournament. So sign up for that now! Also a congratulations goes out to JLA who won the P-1 Grand Prix, the first Official Tournament on Chimchar. The tournament went off without any issues, so thank you to all who participated.
Next, the portal will constantly be slightly altered due to more events and such or less, so make sure you keep an eye on everything to see if something was added. Also the top "headlines" section was added as a quick day-to-day announcements type area. We'll see how well it works.
Two new things have begun to take off this past month. Creating out own Tier List and Events. The Tier List has brought up discussions with Latias, Blissey, and Charizard so far. Keep on posting who you wish to see moved and the members will discuss how they feel. The Official Nintendo Events for pokemon being announced here is going exactly as planned. Monkey, Slow, and a few of the members are posting the information to each event as it comes along and they are linked in the Portal. Don't forget to get all of the current events in your area! Also for Custom Chimchar Events. It sounds as if the members would like a mix of pokemon with a certain ID and OT custom to the site. Expect to see this come into full bloom in late April or May. PM Monkey suggestions of what pokemon you'd like to see as an Event.
Also, due to big things in the sports world in Monkey's area, he would like to announce them here. The fist thing was the Eagles traded Quarterback Donavan McNabb to rival team the Redskins for two draft picks. Donavan was the face of the Eagles for 11 years and will be missed by the team. One day after McNabb's trade the Phillies had an amazing opening day. They went off to win the game 11-1 with President Obama throwing the opening pitch.
Finally, congratulations to both the Elite 4 and challenger Dev. Dev is a great battler and put up a good fight against the Elite 4....however....his challenge had to come to an end when Elite 4 member JLA and his Fire Types had defeated Dev in the fourth and final Elite 4 battle. He keeps all 8 of his Gym Badges but needs to defeat Monk, Nicole, and Jordan all over again. Better luck next Elite 4 challenge, Dev.

*EDIT: "i doubt anyone checks my E4 updates, so can u post that for the time being all E4 challenges must be schedule in advance cause i need to check up with my school work, and if anyone just asks for an E4 battle with out scheduling i will make them wait a week longer than the scheduled time."-JLA

Was there something missed? Has something happened in your life you'd like everyone to know about? Contact Monkey or the staff and they will happily add your announcement to the current list. =)


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Early April Announcements.
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