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 New Staff Duties

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PostSubject: New Staff Duties   Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:04 pm

Just a list of the current staff and what they do:

Monkey-Head Admin; His basic duties are to over see the staff/site to make sure everyone is doing their part and things flow smoothly. Monkey should be the person you go to if you have any issues with the site. In the case that a staff member is away or unable to do his/her duties, Monkey will take over this.

Ryan-Admin; His basic duties are in the "Forums" section of the site. This entitles Pokemon Of The Month, Announcements, Pokemon Events, making topics Important, Announcements, Rules, Archiving Old Post, and other things done in the Forums.

Nicole-Admin; Her basic duties are with the "Portal" and other pages on the site. She is mostly the site coder. Anything that requires HTML coding she will code. Because she has shown skill/interest in designing the site, she will also create banners/backgrounds/pictures for the site.

Monk-He is incharge of the new site shop, moderators, gym system, and the tutor program. Alot of little things that add up. Site Shop will be coded by Nicole soon, Tutoring people to be Gym Leaders connects those two, and finally Modding the Mods is working with Monkey, so nothing too hard.

Nips-Our new Mod's job is a simple one but important. He's incharge of keeping the Gym Leaders, Badges, and such updated. So if you need a Gym Leader Post Updated/Badges contact Nips.

Hope all goes well for you all and till next time.


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New Staff Duties
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