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 Next Great Video Game?

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PostSubject: Next Great Video Game?   Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:08 am

First thing is this is the GENERAL DISCUSSION no one mention Pokemon Black and White here. This is gonna be a topic where we can discuss any game, any system, any E3 news of up comings for the video game world.
I'll list my thoughts on what I have seen so far:

Zelda-The next game looks alright. They finally stopped the whole "Toon Link" craze. I can't stand the games with "Toon Link" in them. The last one...that Phantom Train thing was the first Zelda game I didn't buy due to lack of interest in Zelda. This game seems to be going back to the basics. We get the standard Link...a tad cartoonish looking for my taste, but not as bad as the "Toon Link". The weapons I have seen use the old classics with some new ones, which is always good. They've kindof been straying away from Ganon as the bad guy lately...I miss him. I hope he's back with a vengence. If not I'll need to have the Super Smash games for Ganon. Link is back on the main system as opposed to the handheld one. In all honesty, he belongs on the main system IMO...the games are suited for one or the other...Zelda is a main system game. I will definitally be getting this game. It looks like the game that can bring hope back to Zelda games for me.

DK-Yes Monkey is a GIANT DK fan...who would have guessed, lol. Anywho I've always loved the Country games for DK the best...seeing them make a come back makes me happy. This one seems like a pretty basic game at a quick glance. The standard 2-D movements, mine carts, and banana collecting Country games excelled with. It does worry me a bit the fact that it is on the Wii...DK seems to work better on the handheld systems, IMO...but a monkey game on the big screen will do alright. There are a few mix ups like moving into the background layers and such that get me a bit worried. All in all another great looking game Nintendo. One of your franchises that had me worried seems great.

Kirby-Ahhh least favorite Nintendo Franchise. Crystal Shards was the only 1/2 decent Kirby game I have played thus far and this new yarn shit looks worse than all the other games. I haven't seen Kirby suck up anyone's powers in the trailers I have seen. To me it seems like you get a little buddy and transform and such. I could type for days flaws with Kirby...just by the trailers and things...I can add to that "Kirby Rant" I have. I know my brother will most likely get it, I won't. I'll check it out regaurdless. Once again Kirby seems more like a HandHeld systemer than the main system so seeing this on the wii worries me. As always I have nothing nice to say about you Kirby.

Metroid-I'm not really a fan of the franchise...but it's a good one never the less, and the next one seems to be no exception. Really a top notch game on a top notch franchise. Kindof cartoony looking for a Metroid game...but it's alrught. Samas belongs on the Wii. She's not even just a main system game...the wii was built for her, I expect too see this game played greatly. I personally won't get it because I'm not a fan of that first person shooter thing...but my brother will get it and I will watch.

Star Wars Force Unleashed II-A good first game...I had it for the DS and that seemed to not play as well as if I had gotten it for the main system. The first game had potential but was really relyed too much on the touch screen for the DS. My biggest regret was getting it on the wrong system. The biggest downside was no real stuff to do after the standard game play. I expect great things from this game.

Golden Eye 007-A first person shooter I actually got into! The first multi player game I played was the first Golden Eye 007. For some reason a classic. Now it's back on the wii. Secondly Jaws is back, my main man in multi player, and I'm gonna love playing as him again. I really had no skills in video games when I played the first one alot...but it was still enjoyable. My favorite video game moment of all time came from this game. I was playing as Jaws vs my older cousin who played the game 24/7. For some reason Jaws took forever to kill as opposed to whoever he was playing as. I can remember seeing Jaw's shirt go from white to red taking machine gun rounds to the chest while standing there with a pistol missing my cousin. Of course he owned me most of the time. On an occasion I would get a kill here and there. One time he got so pissed off at me he got like 5 or so bazoka shots...or something mad powerful like that. While we stood face to face my pistol shots missing every where. He let me waste all my bullets then hit me with 5 or whatever bazoka shots to the chest...the last one projecting me through a glass wall or door or something. Needless to say it killed me. Best video game moment to date.

Star Fox-I'll end with my FAVORITE FRANCHISE! tops Pokemon. I was really bummed that no Star Fox Wii got announced at the E3 Event. The future of Star Fox seemed bleak to me. Then just as the General says in Star Fox 64, "Your the only hope for our world!" Star Fox 64 remake is coming out with the new 3DS. The owners of Star Fox, Nintendo, and QGames seem to be split on if they will make a Star Fox on the Wii. Fox, along with Samas, pretty much had the wii built for them. I am highly disappointed in no Star Fox wii being announced...but I'll take the hope that the 64 remake will bring about more interest in Fox and cause a Wii game.

That's it for now. I'll get my imput on other games later. Feel free to post whatever video game shit you want.


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PostSubject: Re: Next Great Video Game?   Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:38 am

Golden Sun, Pokemon Black and White (haha, secret rasism. ._.) Pokemon Ranger, and some other pokemon games and.......there was some kind of PokemonXS for wii or something...
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PostSubject: Re: Next Great Video Game?   Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:20 am

Golden Sun! YES!!!!

I'm a big fan of the Golden Sun games for GBA, 100% on first and Near 100 on second. Its a Great Series, and it quite underlooked. Im looking forward to Dark Dawn on the DS.

Most of the games Nintendo placed on E3 amazed me. (exepct mario sports)

Favorites at E3:
Golden Sun:DD (duh!)
Dragon Quest IX ( Game looked amazing, espically Multiplayer)
Epic Mickey (Disney actually making a good game! *Other than KH, dont get me wrong, i <3 KH.*)
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PostSubject: Re: Next Great Video Game?   Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:55 pm

damn it now im gonna have to get the 3ds so i can play star fox.
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PostSubject: Re: Next Great Video Game?   

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Next Great Video Game?
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