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 News 8/16/10

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PostSubject: News 8/16/10   Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:02 am

I'm gonna try to do an announcement to recap pokemon news of the past day. Hopefully I'll get to this every night around midnight(USA East Coast, see site clocks). So here we go.

The TCG World Championships have ended. The top 2 winners are as follows:
Junior Division
Champion: Shota Yamamoto; Japan
2nd Place: Santa Ito; Japan

Senior Division
Champion: Ray Rizzo; US
2nd Place: Yasuki Tochigi; Japan
^click to see the winners^

The TCG World Championships have ended as well. The top 4 winners are as follows:
Junior Division
Champion: Yuka Furusawa; Japan
2nd Place: Juan Pablo Arenas; US
3rd Place: Simon Taylor; US
4th Place: Thomas Harle; France
^click to see the Junior Division Champ^

Senior Division
Champion: Jacob Lesage; Canada
2nd Place: Mychael Bryan; US
3rd Place: Ann-Marie Thompson; US
4th Place: Hiroki Yano; Japan
^click to see the Senior Division Champ^

Masters Division
Champion: Yuta Komatsuda; Japan
2nd Place: Michael Pramawat; US
3rd Place: Frank Diaz; US
4th Place: Miguel Garcia; China
^click to see the Master Division Champ^

The official Website for the Global Trade Station(GTS) is closing on September 14th. wrote:
Thank you for your interest in Pokémon and the Pokémon GTS website.
The Pokémon GTS website will close at 11:00 a.m. PST on 9/14/10.
Although the website is closing, you can continue to use the Pokémon GTS service to trade Pokémon in your video games.
The Pokémon GTS website is closing, but there is a lot of Pokémon fun and excitement on the way. Stay tuned to for the latest news!
I believe PST Time is called USA East Coast here on the site clocks so you can use as a reference.

World 10 Crobat's moves have been revealed. They are Heat Wave, Air Slash, Sludge Bomb, and Super Fang. All the other facts in the post have been confirmed as true. Also announced with the VGC ending is the location of the finals next year. San Diego, California. So if you live in the area, near it, or want to go to the finals next year, that is where you need to go.

That is it for now. Till next time.


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News 8/16/10
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