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 News 8/21

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PostSubject: News 8/21   Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:05 am

7-11 Pikachu came out yesterday and last this whole weekend. My computer was acting up yesterday so I couldn't get this announcement or the portal updated. I'll get it done today. Also the facts I missed before were it has a Docile Nature and the OT is セブン. So if you live near a 7-11 in Japan, go pick up yourself that Pikachu and share it with us here. =)

Shooti is said to be a Trainer from Kanoko Town, which is the hometown of the player character in Pokémon Black and White. He will challenge the Isshu League, but is also described as a Pokémon photographer. Also seen was the new, atleast looks, or the anime Officer and Nurse. It is unknown if they will still be Jenny/Joy or have new names.
^the three new people^

Following on from their successful Manchester tournament earlier this year, PokémonWorld and Pokécharms will be hosting a tournament at the London Gamerbase, which is inside the HMV in Piccadilly. There will be a Ł5 entry fee.
The tournament will be held on Saturday October 9, 2010. The rules will be that of the 2010 Video Game Championships, which allows the use of Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Dialga and Palkia (albeit only three per team sheet and only two per team). All Generation IV games are eligible for entry as battles will be conducted on Pokémon Battle Revolution.
The prize for the tournament is currently slated to be a choice of a Japanese copy of the upcoming Pokémon Black and White; this is subject to change. A commemorative Chatot will be issued at the tournament; this is not an official Nintendo Event Pokémon, and is merely there for commemorative purposes. It will not get past an official hack check.
As per Gamebase rules, all registrations must be posted on The Gamerbase Website.

Shitty picture, new pokemon.
^click to see^

Something new coming to the forums soon! I want to develop our trade thread with atleast 1 sub-topic for trading threads. I would like to catch some more traders with our trainers. Also when I get some free time...maybe start it tomorrow and finish it this week before work, I will be adding Anime and Trading Card Game sections to the site. It'll just be a small section to start just to be used as a reference for people who follow those things. I'll do the anime part first and then do the TCG after. I would like us to try and expand our horizons a little bit. We are pretty much a wifi battle only site. If we add more aspects of pokemon to the site the TCG and Anime fans might begin to join more. Worst case senerio is if you dislike the anime or don't have to read the topics there. =) That's my goal for the end of August-September. Hopefully I can have it done by the general school start(which back in the day was the week after Labor Day Weekend).

That is it for now. Till next time, keep battling.


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PostSubject: Re: News 8/21   Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:10 am

Damn, that's a lot... You might want to fix the links to the images of the new pokemon.
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News 8/21
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