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 News 8/22

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PostSubject: News 8/22   Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:53 am

New Pokemon Revealed!

Pokemon Sunday just finished airing and revealed the green Pokemon that was first revealed as a toy several weeks ago: its name is Yanappu (ヤナップ). It is the Grass Monkey Pokemon, a pure Grass-type, knows a new attack named Acrobat, and its ability is Gluttony. In triple battles, Acrobat allows Yanappu to hit Pokemon outside its normal range, such as the opponent's Pokemon to the far left if it's on the far right. The attack's base power doubles when Yanappu does not have a hold item. In the video below, Acrobat is super effective against Tsutaaja, meaning it is most likely a Flying-type move. The Grass Monkey Pokemon stands 0.6m tall and weighs 10.5kg. The Pokemon Sunday crew stated Yanappu is owned by someone in Best Wishes.
^seen earlier in toy form^

Till next time, keep on beating serebii noobs.


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News 8/22
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