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PostSubject: Iris   Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:14 pm


Iris is the daughter of the Gym Leader in Souryuu City and is travelling Isshu. She first meets Ash soon after she sees a storm created by Zekrom on the horizon. She is a very playful girl and a bit wild as she has been seen swinging from vines and getting around by climbing on trees.


On Her Team:

Not much is yet known about Iris' Kibago as it has not been used in battle. However, like Ash's Pikachu, it doesn't go in its PokéBall, and when needs to retreat, hides in Iris' hair, coming out to eat when necessary.


Iris sent out her Doryuuzu when her Kibago got captured by a wild Pendora. Doryuuzu is an incredibly powerful Pokémon and has powerful moves such as Drill Liner which makes Doryuuzu a powerhouse of Iris' team. When it is sent out, it spins around, folding its arms and head together like a drill. It however does not always obey Iris and requires coaxing before it will battle its opponents.

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