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 News 9/24

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PostSubject: News 9/24   Fri Sep 24, 2010 3:09 pm

Anime Bios Updated!

For those of you who follow the few anime bios I have gotten too, I have done a minor update giving the on hand pokemon a little bio aswell. I have also updated it with the newest Best Wishes Episode archiving characters who left and adding the new ones. I have also made a new section now that I got to Team Rocket.

What to expect next on the forums?

I'll update the Pokemon Discussion, or Reference, or a new section with Subsections for Gens 1-5 Information. It'll contain things such as Pokemon either that regions new guys or who you find in the games, whatever I feel like making it. I'll add an Ability Description, Move Discription, and other list like that...probably in the pokemon reference keep watching the references for updates there. I'll update the Gen 5 list with their shinies and back sprites. I was putting them on that announcement but it was too long for 1 post so I threw my soda can across the room and gave up then, lol. I might make a reference page for each pokemon like how we do for pokemon of the month. It'll take a while for moves and what not but I'll get to it. So just expect more references and anime jizz updated from now till whenever.


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News 9/24
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