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PostSubject: Dent   Wed Sep 29, 2010 3:07 pm


He is a Pokémon Sommelier who can see the compatibility between a Pokémon and its Trainer. He is said to have a lot of knowledge on Pokémon. A clip shown after the Japanese premiere of DP188 showed that in the anime, he is also a Gym Leader, as in the games.

Dent is the first Gym Leader seen in the Isshu Region.


On His Team:

Pansage is Dento's star Pokémon and is often seen outside of its Pokéball with Dento. It has powerful attacks such as Bullet Seed and SolarBeam which allowed it to hold its own in battle against Ash's Mijumaru.


When Ash & Co. found Ishizumai, they saw it making its own shell. However, it soon got attacked by three Ishizumai and lost its shell. Fighting back to get its shell, it used many powerful attacks such as X-Scissor to defeat its foes. After it recovered its shell, it asked to join Dento's team.

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