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 News 10/4

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PostSubject: News 10/4   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:54 pm

First off a little video for fun!

One of, if not the number one, Caitie's favorite pokemon battles on the anime. So enjoy it before some boring announcements. ^_^

Pokemon Cards, B/W Boy and Girl Starter Kits

Scans from a magazine called Pokemon Fan have revealed several cards that will be in the Black and White Boy and Girl Starter Kits. Exclusive to the boy's kit are Buffalon, Basurao, and an unknown card while Tabunne, Chillarmy, and Mamanbou are exclusive to the girl's kit. Each kit features three 30-card decks centered around each of the starters for a total of 90 cards. The cards in both kits combine to form a 37-card sub-set (meaning there are 37 unique cards), which explains why we are not getting a main Black and White set until December - they're filling the interim with these two kits and the three Journey Partner Promo Collections. Translations of the cards shown in the magazine are below courtesy of Bangiras while Gin has provided us with the magazine scans.
^Cards Break Down^

Birthday Chimchar and Birthday Charmander Events are over. The Victini Event ends the 18th of this month. Birthday Pikachu is going on till Christmas.(Japan) I promised you guys some 'Chimchar Forums Events' I have one of my games with the OT as a site Event OT and what not. I'll get a group together before I give out the first poke. I'll get some out BEFORE Black/White comes out to USA and Europe. That's it for Events for now.

Breloom is the Pokemon Of The Month if you didn't notice yet. I'll catch up up on the older seasons of the anime when I can, as always. I'll get the older Events up when I can also. So expect those little resource things to come up into the Forums when I feel up to it. Alot of stuffs slowing me down a bit lately.

In World News Europe won in the Ryder Cup by 1 point. The final score was 13.5 - 14.5 or so, congrats to Europe on that one.


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News 10/4
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