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 News 11/21

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PostSubject: News 11/21   Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:24 pm

Best Wishes Episode 10 is up. Here I'll leave you with a mini preview of this episode.

Shooti has been seen with a good wack of new pokemon vs Ash in the 10th Best Wishes Episode. Who is on his team? How many pokemon did he use in the battle with Ash? Click the picture below to see his updated profile!

The Croagunk Event which was out in Japan ended like 2 days ago, or so, and has been moved to our 2010 Archived Events area. Check the Events to see their end dates to see when they end.

NFL Forum Bet updated with some new announcements. So if you like that don't forget to check out that post. There are a few new things coming to that bet next if you haven't joined that bet yet...check it out if you haven't thought on it too.

Now here is a pokemon commercial that I saw on television right before the cable guy came(he came early for a change). It was just finished as he rang the I decided to look it up and add it to my announcement. Enjoy it until Nintendo sees me posting their advertizments and ban hammers me from the interwebs. Wink