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PostSubject: Aloe   Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:49 pm


Poddo is one of the Gym Leaders of Sanyou City Gym. Like Dento, Poddo shows great knowledge in Aloe is one of the Gym Leaders of Unova and is married to Kidachi, the curator of the Shippou City museum. She appears briefly after the museum is under siege from a Desumasu.


On Her Team:

Miruhog was the first of Aloe's Pokémon seen. She sent it out in the Shippou Gym where its Flash attack lit up the area and showed Desumasu up. It has some strong attacks including Mean Look which prevented Oshawott from being returned to its PokéBall and has powerful attacking moves like Thunderbolt which it used to defeat Oshawott.


Haderia was the first Pokémon Aloe used in her rematch against Ash. Following on from its strengths at its base form, it has powerful attacks including a more powerful Shadow Ball, but also knows a stronger Roar and has Protect which protected it from damage and an insanely powerful Giga Impact attack. It was eventually defeated by Ash's Tepig's Nitro Charge attack.

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