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 The Hybrid Pokemon Series: Sinnoh Starters

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PostSubject: The Hybrid Pokemon Series: Sinnoh Starters   Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:03 pm

Storyline (By the way this is all FAKE but I did do the Pokemon coloring and textures):

My name is Giratina449. I am the Unova Region's head professor. One day on an errand in Sinnoh I came across an unusual Pokemon. It looked like a Chimchar, but it was blue and not orange. Even the flame was blue. I sat down in the tall grass and observed this strange Chimchar. Then, out came a red Turtwig. I was wondering why these Pokemon were so unusual. They ran into a cave and I followed. They were talking to another Pokemon no doubt about it, but I couldn't tell which Pokemon. It was yellow, so I figured it was a Pikachu, but instead, it had a beak and too short of a tail to be a Pikachu. I realized it was a Piplup. A yellow Piplup. I came up to the Pokemon with some food, a course of berries and poffins. The three unusual Pokemon were scared but I said, "It's okay. There's no need to be afraid!" I set the food down as I watched them eat. After that we played outside of the cave. Not too long after that the head professor of the Sinnoh Region, Big Mac Daddy Hobo Monkey (Or as most of us just call him, Monkey) came by and said, "Hello Giratina." I replied "Hey Monkey. Look what I found," I pointed to the three starters. "Are those the Sinnoh starters?" asked Monkey. "Yes, but they are very unusual. Their fur, skin, and feathers are naturally these colors," I said. "Let's take them back to the lab for some tests." Later we found out that there was some chemicals released into some water that turned these Pokemon the colors they were. We called them "Hybrid Pokemon"

Ok now for the picture:
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The Hybrid Pokemon Series: Sinnoh Starters
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