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 Razor Claw's Fifth Generation Trade Shop

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Razor Claw
Razor Claw

Number of posts : 2
Age : 33
Location : Nepean, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Misc. Info : Dragon Type and Dragon Egg Group Pokemon Collector

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PostSubject: Razor Claw's Fifth Generation Trade Shop   Razor Claw's Fifth Generation Trade Shop I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2012 12:10 pm

Hey Guys and Gals,

Please read through everything in this post before making an offer.

I will state to start off, I’m requesting that you guys have your research done before you ask for anything, and please pay special attention to what I’m asking for. Granted that may change over time with the way things go, but for now, what you see is what you get. I do get a bit annoyed with people just randomly asking me questions about trading who haven’t seemed to bother looking first at what I want, so I’d like to give people that heads up, since I’d rather not suffer fools anymore then absolutely necessary.

I need you to know what you're offering, and what you're looking for in relation to what I've got here both in my haves and wants list. In these cases, I am looking for nothing else.

If you need further information on any of the pokemon I have listed, please be sure that you at least have a general idea of what you're going for before you ask or offer, please.

I would like to tell you all right off the bat that I don't like to get Pokemon with nicknames so please try to remember that will you are working out the deals with me. Also I have some items held by pokemon I know aren't out yet I just do that cause I like to have some cool items on them and I may use them in-game battles so I just keep the items on them I won't list all pokemon with held items but if u wish for that knowledge please ask me for further information.

Wants for some when they become events:

Shiny Reshiram (legal in event or other way, without hacking in wild to be shiny)
Shiny Zekrom (legal in event or other way, without hacking in wild to be shiny)
Shiny Arcueus (legal in event or other way, without hacking in wild to be shiny)
Spiky/Notched eared Pichu (If nintendo and/or The Pokemon Company remake it as an event pokemon and make it tradable and transferable to different generation pokemon games in english)

Please note that Spiky-Eared Pichu as seen as a sprite on the far right side is what I am looking for and the stats/information on it is seen here please refer here for the IDing of it since right now it is considered hacked if it's in generation five.

Fly Pikachu (If nintendo and/or The Pokemon Company remake it as an event pokemon in english)
Surf Pikachu (If nintendo and/or The Pokemon Company remake it as an event pokemon in english)

Dream World (english/american versions);

Regular (Breedable Dream World Pokemon);

Gible (Sp.)

Legandaries (Need to Clone Dream World Pokemon);


Befriended Dream World Pokemon


Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Onix
Shiny Shuckle
Shiny Magneton
Shiny Magikarp
Shiny Donphon
Shiny Dustox
Shiny Ariados

Any Shiny Pokemon Ash & Company have encountered so far along their journey, that I do not yet have. Please consult the following site for details on what they are. Pokemon from the link's list which I already have listed in this shop Non-Shiny Pokemon from the link's list I'm not looking for any other evolved/unevolved forms of these pokemon, and therefore only need what the site specifically lists. Please no Trade Evolutions. Please fill out this form on stats for each pokemon;

Name of the pokemon: (If the pokemon is nicknamed please also put it here)
Level:(UT to me includes a pokemon Evolved by level up to it's Evolved level)
UT: (From Gen 4 or where ever u got it from but must be in Gen 5)
Evs: (If any)
Ivs: (If any)
Item Held: (If any)
PKRS: (If infected)

Keldeo (If it's only American based outside of the game event)
Meloetta (If it's only American based outside of the game event)
Genesect (If it's only American based outside of the game event)
Any new Dragon in Black and White that becomes an event pokemon
If it's not a cool dragon or an event pokemon that does stuff in game or a pokemon Ash or a main character from the anime has I am not interested which includes it has to be english version,

Offers; And I can breed any non-legendary/event legendary/event pokemon I don't got of the 646 pokemon in the Generation 5 Pokedex with egg moves. Plus any different form/colouring of the pokemon avaible in the pokedex that is not shiny plus all 28 Unowns know from HG/SS.

Any nature Ivs/Evs I can't do for so ur out of luck their. I can also give the pokemon any held item u wish except for RageCandyBars and Griseous Orb.

If u wish to equip a item to the pokemon let me know what item. I don't care if the pokemon are cloned or not.

Here are a list of my Event, XD, Dream World, Shiny pokemon and in-game event pokemon and Legendary Pokemon I have just ask for more information on them if u need;


PCNYc Flygon (English Version) UT - Lax*
PCNYd Salamence (English Version) UT - Sassy*
PCNYd Altaria (English Version) UT - Hasty*
PCNYd Kingdra (English Version) UT -*Bashful (NFT) [Not For Trade]
PCNYd Milotic (English Version) UT - Quiet*
PCNYd Seviper – Quiet*
10 ANIV Latios (English Version) UT - Naive
10 ANIV Latias (English Version) UT - Mild
10 ANIV Dragonite (English Version) UT - Lonely
10 ANIV Charizard (English Version) UT - Mild
VGC09 Milotic - Timid
GAMESTP Suicune (English) - Relaxed
GAMESTP Raikou (English) - Rash
GAMESTP Entei (English) - Adamant
GAMESTP Pichu (Pichu shiny [colored Pikachu]) - Jolly

Please note that the Pichu colored Pikachu is used to get the Spiky-Eared Pichu in HeartGold and Soulsilver as discribed here and the stats and information is seen here under just the 2010 section of the listings of the events for pichu.

GAMESTP Deoxys (Attack Form) - Adamant
GAMESTP Jirachi – Mild
SPR2012 Reshiram - Jolly
SPR2012 Zekrom - Quiet
WIN2011 Celebi (English) - Relaxed
FAL2010 Mew - Serious
SMR2010 Jirachi - Adamant
TRU Pikachu (Ash) - Naughty
TRU Dragonite (English Version) UT - Mild
TRU Arceus - Naughty
TRU Regigigas - Jolly
TRU Mystery Egg Axew - Naive
TRU Mystery Egg Haxorus - Naive*
TRU Shaymin - Adamant
FEB2012 Mewtwo - Modest


Palkia - Sassy
Dialga - Serious
Giratina - Modest
Rayquaza - Quiet
Latios - Bold
Latias - Modest
Salamence - Calm
Garchomp - Sassy
Dragonite - Jolly
Altaria - Relaxed
Flygon - Naive
Charizard - Calm
Kingdra - Sassy
Gyarados - Hasty
Sceptile - Calm
Aerodactyl - Modest
Noctowl - Careful
Butterfree - Sassy
Kyurem - Hardy*
Druddigon - Calm*
Haxorus - Brave*
Hydreigon - Naive*
Arbok – Adamant*
Seviper – Jolly*
Scrafty – Hasty*
Metagross - Hasty*
Lapras – Modest
Swellow - Calm
Ditto - Careful
Zubat - Relaxed


Dragonite -Adamant
Altaria - Timid
Salamence - Naive

Dream World;

Female Dratini – Brave*
Female Dragonite – Quirky*
Female Swablu – Mild*
Female Altaria – Impish*
Female Horsea – Calm*
Female Kingdra – Sassy*
Female Feebas – Rash*
Female Milotic – Lonely*
Female Bagon – Jolly*
Female Salamence – Jolly*
Male Magikarp – Hasty*
Female Gyarados – Bashful*

Befriended Dream World Pokemon;

Male Flareon - Bashful
Arceus - Bashful (Draco Plate given)

In-Game Event (Event pokemon u only get specific ways in the game);

Shinto Ruins;

Dialga - Bashful
Palkia - Relaxed
Giratina - Quirky

Hidden Tower;

Rayquaza(need to have Kyogre and Groudon from Hidden Tower in HG and SS to get Rayquaza to appear in the Hidden Tower) - Quiet

Heaven's Pipe;

Arceus - Rash

Eon Ticket;

Latias - Impish
Latios - Lax

Enigma Stone;

Latias - Modest
Latios - Calm

Member Pass;

Darkrai - Lonely

Oak's Letter;

Shaymin - Lonely

Pokemon Ranger;

Manaphy - Naive

Liberty Pass;

Victini - Relaxed

The Relocator moved pokemon from Gen 4 to actived [(Everyone Happy) (Simple Connection)];

Zorua – Lonely (WIN2011 Celebi)
Zoroark – Brave (GAMESTP Shiny Legendary Dogs from Gen 2 [Entei, Raikou, and Suicune])

Pokemon Box;

Swablu - Gentle*
Altaria - Gentle*

Rotom Forms;

Heat - Relaxed
Frost - Careful
Fan - Careful
Mow - Brave
Wash - Sassy
Normal – Hasty

Deoxys Forms;

Attack - Adamant
Speed - Relaxed
Defense - Relaxed
Normal – Relaxed


Palkia - Quirky
Dialga – Bashful
Giratine – Rash
Rayguaza – Naive
Latios – Rash
Latias – Gentle
Reshiram – Docile
Zekrom – Mild
Kyurem – Careful
Cobalion – Lax
Terrakion – Gentle
Virizion – Rash
Mewtwo – Careful
Articuno – Bashful
Zapdos – Serious
Moltres – Relaxed
Ho-Oh – Quirky
Entei – Serious
Raikou – Sassy
Suicune – Mild
Lugia – Lonely
Regice – Mild
Registeel – Lax
Groudon – Naughty
Kyogre – Calm
Regirock – Lonely
Regigigas – Mild
Heatran – Hasty
Mesprit – Brave
Uxie – Lonely
Azelf – Clam
Cresselia – Bashful
Landorus – Careful
Thundurus – Timid
Tornadus – Careful

I am very aware that while this list of normal legendaries may seem worthless to most, it is still there for those who do not have access to them in any sort of way, and please be sure that I am a bit flexible as to what I want for these--just be aware of what I've listed that I DO NOT WANT before you offer anything for them!

FYI as I get other events and the 2 remaining shinnies will be add to the respective lists once I get them as well once I get Dream World Pokemon I will set up a section for them too. For these pokemon deals I would like to get clones done of them to keep one for my self. I would also like to get cloned copies or these to keep em in my collection too. I am not interested in collecting all the pokemon event pokemon just the Dragon type and Dragon Egg Group event pokemon.

As for nicknames I can nickname ur breed pokemon for u if u give me one but for mine I wish them to have their actual pokemon name please. If u wish to do business with me u need to say u got a pokemon from my want list for a pokemon I can get cloned or breed for u with egg moves I will let my partner do all the deals where u just state which pokemon u want and not give what u are offering for it/not offering something of interest to me. I don't need much information for stuff now just would love to know when the dreamworld will be up and going for Pokemon Black and White now.

So here is the order to follow for what I need from u all for my services;

Pokemon Name & National Pokedex number:
If u choose to it's NickName:
If u wish Egg Moves up to 4:
If u choose Held Item:
What ur offering for it:

Please use the format I have detailed here so I can make sure I get everything right the pokemon name and number is that I can get the correct pokemon even if the name is spelled wrong I have the dex number to go by. Cause I may PM u for more information if the spelling of the pokemon u want doesn't match up with any in my collection.

I am looking for some thread/shop cloners so if u are interest PM/VM me to work out payment and/or a way to help u out will u help me out.

My fourm's Cloner is;

Thanks all for the help with my pokemon collection.

My Forum's Whitelist;

My forum's Blacklist;

Pending trades;

I know there is such a thing called Redis out there but since I don't got pages on pages or event pokemon or pages on pages of shiny pokemon or pages on pages of Dream World Pokemon I have to use the pokemon I get through trades here thus I give credit to the people I get them from if this is an issue please understand I am not trying to undervalue ur pokemon I am just using what I got to make deals.


Razor Claw
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Razor Claw
Razor Claw

Number of posts : 2
Age : 33
Location : Nepean, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Misc. Info : Dragon Type and Dragon Egg Group Pokemon Collector

Razor Claw's Fifth Generation Trade Shop Empty
PostSubject: Re: Razor Claw's Fifth Generation Trade Shop   Razor Claw's Fifth Generation Trade Shop I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 10, 2012 1:24 am

Added Zubat - Relaxed to my shinys on offer section
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Razor Claw's Fifth Generation Trade Shop
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