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 Variant's Sweatshop

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Age : 1240
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Misc. Info : This world can seem cold and grey, but you and I are here today, and we won't fade into darkness.

The colors of this forum and the terrible quality of all of the images burn my eyes so I usually don't come on much. If I do come on, don't be afraid to say hi! I'm not evil. Haha, I'm stretching my posts from Misc. Info alone!

But yeah, I'm just your neighborhood number. I'm not a bad person but I'm not always nice, even though I try to be.

PostSubject: Variant's Sweatshop   Tue Jun 18, 2013 3:17 pm

Now hiring children! Preferably between the ages of 8 and 17. Also must not tell anyone, it's a secret shop, kids Wink.

All joking aside, I'm reserving this board to post pictures. I migrated this thread from another site I'm a part of.

I'll post the picture as a separate post as well as editing it onto here, so I can bump the topic while still keeping this thread organized. If any of these pictures at some point make you want to go spread them around the internet, please give me credit. All inappropriate images will be posted as links (if any), all questionable images will be posted as spoilers.

I reserve the sole right to edit this topic, if need be.


This was a practice run for a fake RPG called Disposable Heroes. The banner came out better than the RPG did, let me tell you.

I think Kuvaru is a pretty cool guy, eh shoots knives and doesn't afraid of anything.

Hakumen is kind of my main in BlazBlue, although I haven't played any of the games in so long.

These two are pictures of my favorite Sonic character: Pothead the Traveler.

I don't even remember how I did this one, honestly. It's not technically advanced but it's animated, so whatever.

Also, my profile image! I drew it on my 3DS!

I just made this for myself. It's not so good, but it's the newest thing I've done.

Please note: I do actually do requests. I just haven't done banners in a long time. I'd have to say, maybe, two years now? It's not so difficult that I can't do it again, it just won't look as good as if I had done the request two years ago.
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Variant's Sweatshop
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