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 Operation Ground and Pound

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Gym Leader
Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Operation Ground and Pound   Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:26 pm

Hello and welcome to my gym. Below you will find everything you need to know about my gym, so make sure you read through this post before challenging me. To challenge me, you can simply ask me in the chatbox or, if I'm not online, send me a PM.

Good Luck!

Leader:  Snake
Status:  Open
FC:(Will be added later)
Match Type: Level 100 Standard Play Only.
•Best of: 1 match (6 Pokémon each)

In addition, the following rules apply to all Gym matches.

•Species Clause: You may not have more than one of the same exact Pokémon on your team. This does not mean that using a team of all dragon/ground will be permitted against something like an Electric team. DON'T BE CHEAP and use doubles of each type if you can avoid it.

•Sleep Clause: No two Pokémon on either team may be put to sleep by their opponent at the same time. This does not include self-induced sleep techniques such as rest.

•Self KO Clause: If both players are on their last Pokémon, and one player performs a Self KO technique such as Self-Destruct or Explosion, and both players' Pokémon faint as a result, the player that initiated the move will be the loser of the battle. This does not include techniques or items that produce recoil.

•Evasion Clause:
Any moves that increase your Pokémon’s evasion skills are banned from use. This is due to the simple reason that it brings the battles to a gamble, a luck draw, if you will.

•One Hit KO Clause: Any techniques that produce a One Hit KO on the opponent are banned from use. No horn drill, sheer cold, or fissure.

•Item Clause/Restriction is OFF: That means you may use more than one of the same item. Just try to refrain from six focus sashes. No hax items. They bring more of the luck factor into the game.

Note: Any team participating on this tournament level is subject to inspection of their Pokémon by CHIMCHAR staff at any time. If you cuss, or treat any member of the forum badly, you are subject to a ban for an appropriate amount of time.

Addendum by S-Face: If a gym leader asks you before the battle terminates, for a trade afterwards to check for hacked pokemon, you MUST accept the trade within 30 seconds or you do not get the badge. If you disconnect after the battle, and the gym leader had asked you beforehand for a trade, he/she has the discretion to not award you the badge as well as disallowing you from challenging his/her gym for a certain period of time. This is important because we do not want people to be able to get away with winning gym badges by using hacked pokemon.

Pokémon I may Use:

*More to be added soon

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Gym Leader
Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Operation Ground and Pound   Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:14 pm

Congratz Sneak! I challenge your gym! clown
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MuFc Ry
Gym Leader
Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Operation Ground and Pound   Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:44 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Operation Ground and Pound   

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Operation Ground and Pound
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