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 A Chimchar Contest Coming February

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PostSubject: A Chimchar Contest Coming February   Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:37 am

Starting February 1st, Chimchar will host a new type of contest. Keep on reading to hear what it is, and what the mystry prize is!

What is the point of this contest:
The point of it is to increase the membership here on Chimchar. Nothing more, nothing less.

What is the "mystry prize":
Now listen closely because it's a big one. The person who brings the most NEW ACTIVE members to Chimchar will be named the winner, and be a Moderator on the site for 1 week. He/She will carry all the responsibilities of a regular moderator on both the Chatbox and Forums, as well as get all the same rights/powers. So this means if you abuse those rights, you will lose your mod status early, no refund.

How do I enter, and more importantly, how do I win!:
It's an advertizing contest. You will have the 28 or 29 days of February...however many this month get as many new members on Chimchar. Please let them know to PM Prof. Monkey on who brought them here. Then we will spend the months of February and March to see how active they are, on the Chatbox...posting...challenging gym leaders...ect. The member with the most active members will be named early April and given their week then.

What reason does a Moderator have to advertize:
Well...lets say a member, like Shitface, comes back and wins. Then he does a better job as a Moderator than you have with months in just one week. The member, in this senerio Shitface, will be seen in the administrator's eyes as a better member for the job then you. So your trying to keep people from showing you up.

If it's just a week, why even bother:
As the last answer showed, this could be your "job interveiw" for a potential Moderator spot. If we get more activity we'll need more Moderators. With 676 registered users, and only 1-2 Moderator spots opening, assuming this idea works, chances of someone with little or no experience getting to become a Moderator is unlikely. Remember, all staff members are chosen differently, this could be your ticket to make your name purple.

Keep active towards the 1st of February to see the post that will offically start this tournament!!!!!


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A Chimchar Contest Coming February
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