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 possible attack combos

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PostSubject: possible attack combos   possible attack combos I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 04, 2010 12:20 pm

Belly Drum + Rest

Strategy: Use Belly Drum to max out your attack, then use Rest so that your HP becomes full once again. Works better with a Chesto Berry.

Belly Drum + Psych Up

Strategy: 2v2 only. One Pokemon uses Belly Drum, and the other one uses Psych Up to copy the max attack stat change.

Charge + Electrical Attack

Strategy: Charge, then use an Electrical Attack for double damage.

Defense Curl + Rollout

Strategy: Defense Curl first, then Rollout for x2 damage.

Dragon Dance + Physical Attack

Strategy: Dragon Dance as much as you'd like, then use the Physical Attack of your choice for powerful sweeping.

Endure + Reversal/Flail

Strategy: When you believe that your opponent is about to strike a final blow on you, use Endure so you'll survive with 1 HP. Then use Reversal/Flail for heavy hits. Works better on faster Pokemon.

Flatter + Psych Up

Strategy: Use Flatter, then Psych up to copy the upped special attack stat change and not the confusion status.

Foresight + Fighting Move

Strategy: Versus a ghost type Pokemon, use Foresight first, then use any Fighting Move you want to and it will hit for damage as it goes around the ghost type advantage completely.

Leech Seed + Ingrain

Strategy: Leech Seed first for damage, then Ingrain for lots of HP gain. Leftovers as a held item makes this strategy work even better.

Lock On + Zap Cannon

Strategy: Using Lock On will ensure that Zap Cannon hits, which has a 50% chance of hitting normally. Zap Cannon also gives an added paralyzing bonus.

Mean Look + Perish Song

Strategy: Mean Look first, then use Perish Song. If you can survive until the turn before both Pokemon faint, then switch.

Mimic + Imprision

Strategy: Mimic whichever move you want to ban the other pokemon from using, then Imprison it.

Rain Dance + Water Attack

Strategy: Rain Dance first, then use any water attack for 1.5x damage.

Rain Dance + Thunder

Strategy: Rain Dance first, then use Thunder for 100% accuracy.

Rest + Sleep Talk

Strategy: Rest first, then Sleep Talk. A not-so-great strategical combo because it's random.

Rest + Snore

Strategy: Rest first, then Snore for damage. Not much to say here.

Safeguard + Thrash/Outrage/Petal Dance

Strategy: Using Safeguard first, use Thrash/Outrage/Petal Dance. At the end of those attacks, you will not get confused because of the Safeguard.

Spore + Focus Punch

Strategy: Spore, then Focus Punch. Relies a little bit on luck seeing as your opponent might wake up and attack you to disrupt Focus Punch.

Subsitute + Flail/Reversal

Strategy: Subsitute 4 times with your opponent knocking out each of them, then use Flail/Reversal for big damage. Works better on faster Pokemon.

Substitute + Focus Punch

Strategy: Subsitute first, then next turn your opposing pokemon won't be able to directly hit you. That means that you can pull off a Focus Punch even if your opponent attacks you and hits, because the subsitute will take the hit. This works best if your Pokemon is slower than the opponents.

Sunny Day + Solar Beam

Strategy: Sunny Day first, then Solarbeam as much as you'd like with no startup phase.

Sunny Day + Synthesis/Morning Sun/Moonlight

Strategy: Use Sunny Day, then Synthesis/Morning Sun/Moonlight to restore all HP.

Sunny Day + Fire Attack

Strategy: Sunny Day, then use any Fire attack for 1.5x damage.

Stat Up Move + Baton Pass

Strategy: Use any move to increase your pokemon's status, then use Baton Pass to give those changes to any other Pokemon of your choice.

Swagger + Psych Up

Strategy: Use Swagger to confuse your opponent, then use Psych Up to copy the upped attack but not the confusion.

Swagger + Screech

Strategy: Use Swagger, then use Screech to move the defense of the opponent down as much as you'd like to greatly increase the damage taken when they hit themselves in their confusion. Works well in conjunction with attacking moves as well.

Toxic + Dig/Fly/Dive/Bounce

Strategy: Use Toxic, then use Fly continuously to make opponents hit half of the time. Doesn't work well if your opponent has something to hit you in the air/ground though.

Toxic + Protect/Detect

Strategy: Toxic first, then just keep using Protect or Detect. Not much else to say here.
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possible attack combos
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